Scott and Angie Denny, The Life at Table Mountain Hoodie and Hat

THE LIFE at Table Mountain tells the story of one of America’s most successful outfitters, Table Mountain Outfitters. Owned and operated by Scott and Angie Denny, Table Mountain Outfitters guide almost 300 hunters to big game success each year.

Gray Sweatshirt and signed Black Cap

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Table Mountain Outfitters

Table Mountain Outfitters offers fair chase hunts for PRONGHORN ANTELOPE, WHITETAIL DEER,MULE DEER, ELK, COUGAR, and BLACK BEAR. We have access to thousands of acres of private and public lands throughout Wyoming, Idaho and Nebraska.

Access fees are included in the cost of your hunt. We scout all game lands thoroughly and know where the trophy animals hide out.  In order to help you harvest the largest trophy animal possible our guides will hunt with you 100% of the time. We don’t charge “trophy fees” or bill you based on the net score of your trophy – the price you pay when you book your hunt is for the biggest trophy animal available at that time.  Our guides are licensed professionals who are knowledge in the art of hunting big game. Physically fit and committed, they know their business and will make your hunt both informative and pleasurable. We offer a low hunter-to-guide ratio unless you book otherwise.

Our guides are committed to the pursuit of your trophy and assist you in any way possible. Our guides will pack, dress, skin and cape all animals you harvest. In addition we will deliver your meat to the processor or quarter your meat for transport home. Also, you can be assured that if you leave your trophy with us to deliver to our taxidermist it will be well cared for.


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