Spypoint – LINK-MICRO + 1 yr Unlimited

The LINK-MICRO from SPYPOINT offers the hunter something they never thought possible; an affordable cellular trail camera. It features a compact design, the smallest on the market while maintaining a robust list of features to make sure you’re getting the intel you need.

The LINK-MICRO is a photo-mode only camera, with multi-shot mode capabilities. Given its small size, there is no menu screen for setup, all camera settings are managed in the SPYPOINT app, where you can also view images.

• 10 megapixels
• 0.5-second trigger speed
• 80-foot flash and detection range

The LINK-MICRO is powered by eight AA batteries (not included) and is compatible with the 12v battery kit and the range extending the antenna. While the LINK-MICRO doesn’t have the high-end features to replace every camera in your scouting arsenal, it’s a great addition when you need the added concealment of a small camera, or to take advantage of the biggest value in cellular trail camera technology.

This auction is for a LINK-MICRO, as well as 1 year of free unlimited data, and a year of the avid hunter scouting package.


Find Spypoint Trail Cameras at spypoint.com and their pages below

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How To Place Bid: At the bottom of the that items page, you will find your standard comment section like you see on any other website. Just log in using your Facebook or Twitter and comment with your bid. Just make sure you’re higher than the previous bidder. When the auctions are over, I will email you an invoice from Paypal where you will be able to pay by credit card or by your Paypal account. If you would rather write a check, you can make it out to St Jude and send it to me. Once your payment is secured, your item will be mailed to you. A 3.5% fee will be added to all invoices to cover payment fees and additional shipping.

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