Muzzy Trocar Broadheads


Muzzy Products was est. in 1984 by John Musacchia Sr. Who set out to design a never fail broadhead.

The year was 1970 and John Musacchia, Sr was bowhunting one of Africa’s most feared big game animals, Cape Buffalo. John was armed with an 80# Bear Super Kodiak and popular, 2 blade broadhead.

Finally the shot came, more shots followed. Good hits with little penetration left the tough Cape Buffalo angry but still standing. When the enraged animal charged him John was forced to use a big bore rifle to put him down only a few feet from his boots!

This experience convinced him of the need for a better broadhead. Years of research, trial and design work followed unitl 1984, John Musacchia Sr. introduced to the world the toughest, most deadly broadhead ever manufactured, THE MUZZY!

We are now in our 25th year of making “Bad To The Bone” products and are proud to say we are # 1 in Broadheads and # 1 in Bowfishing Equipment.

Our factory is located in Cartersville, GA where we proudly manufacture, package, and distribute the finest quality archery products.

“There are those who want to know what archery can do for them… We want to know what we can do for archery!” John Musacchia Sr. (Founder of Muzzy Products)

Included in this auction is the Trocar HB and the Trocar 3 Blade both in 100 grain.

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