Markhor – SEDONA Evo II

SEDONA Evo II RealTree® X’Tra Camo w/ Scoped Rifle Sheath

The SEDONA Evo II 20 backpack is lightweight and compact. It is equipped with a new comfortable back effective to wick away perspiration. This bag comes with a scabbard for carrying a rifle with or without a scope. The weapon is positioned butt up, the sheath is open, it is very easy to draw the weapon while keeping the bag on the back. Ideal for hunting when approaching. It is possible to use this backpack without the sheath, close the zip around the bag to close the section for the sheath.

– Main Material: Waterproof, durable and quiet material in Realtree Max1® Camo. or X’tra or Desolve ® Veil. Back: New high-density 3D foam back wrapped in honeycomb mesh “honeycomb” to wick away sweat and conform to the shape of the back. – Straps: Padded with breathable mesh and honeycomb, chest strap, clips for the weapon strap. Clips for the water bag tube (right or left). – Belt: adjustable with loops. – Hydration pocket: Pre-equipped to hold a water bag. – Compartments: 2 main compartments. – Extension: For armed sheath thanks to a zip and a bellows. – Pockets: 2 inside pockets with clip for the keys. – zips: New YKK reversed zips. – Access: to the main compartments by 2 openings on the top of the bag. – Accessory Holder: Adjustable compartment with 2 straps and buckles to secure a garment or trophy, carry handle. -Front: Comes with a carrying case for rifle or shotgun. This sheath is open on the top to allow access to weapon (butt up) while keeping the bag on the back. The weapon can be secured by a small strap on the opening. This sheath is fixed on the backpack (by opening the zip all around the bag) with 2 adjustable clips for height. – Weight: Without weapon sheath: 0.800 kg. With scabbard: 1.200 kg- Dimensions: – Scabbard: 88.5 x 19 x 12 cm- Bag: 46 x 25 x 16 cm – Volume: 20 L.

Adjustment: To adjust the bag to its size it is important to adjust the bag carefully, make minor adjustments and make sure the bag is the right size. We must ensure that the shoulder strap passes over the shoulder from the rear panel without leaving the shoulder at any point. The belt should be snug and placed on the iliac crest (weight is on the waist), depending on the setting, there should be enough space to remove or add layers of clothing. Compress the contents securely with the external compression straps. The goal is to give the bag an elongated and thin profile. It is particularly important to maintain lateral balance: a bag that leans on one side exerts excessive pressure on the spine and irritates the shoulders.


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