MarineMat Cooler & Boat Mats

Founded in late 2014 by entrepreneur Greg Pickren, MarineMat promised to be the next evolution in marine decking. Mr. Pickren and his team were not new to closed cell EVA foam products as they had years of experience developing a full product line of traction mats for personal watercraft under the BlackTip Jetsports brand.

Utilizing their years of experience and a scientific approach, the team has come to develop the most advanced EVA foam decking in the industry. MarineMat has been granted multiple patents related to the innovations made in both the Snap-it and Stick-it product lines. Creating the industry’s first snap-in removable product has revolutionized flooring at an OE level. Builders now have the option to offer high-quality foam as an alternative to carpet. MarineMat’s newest innovation is the tear-proof Stick-it product. This foam is the strongest foam stick down product on the market and has remedied the painful process of changing stick down EVA flooring. Updating flooring designs is now easier than ever.

MarineMat has grown to be one of the world’s largest suppliers of EVA foam products to the marine industry. These products are sold directly to boat builders, through a network of dealers, and directly to consumers via the website. The team is committed to maintaining exceptional customer service at all levels of sales. Boatbuilding giants and aftermarket retail customers can all expect the same top-notch product and support.

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