LiT Coolers – Firefly TS-300 22 Quart Cooler

The LiT Difference

A cooler’s performance shouldn’t end when the sun goes down. That’s why we designed LiT Coolers to outperform the competition all day and all night. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, weekend tailgater, or a hardcore family vacationer, you’ll find LiT Coolers is guaranteed to handle the toughest adventure you throw at it.

Product Description

True 22 Quart Cooler

Every LiT Cooler comes with removable Ice Legs, our unique Logo Plate — a clear, central lid insert that allows the light to shine through — illuminating the LiT Coolers logo (standard), and a Night Sight™ LED liner. Choose between white or blue LED lights.


Retail Price: $255.00


Capacity: 5.5 Gal.

Length: 12 in.
Width: 9 1/2 in.
Height: 12 in.


Length: 15.5 in.
Width: 18 in.
Height: 16 7/8 in.


16-20 Cans* with ice legs (4) and 25 lbs. of ice
28 lbs. of Ice** with ice legs (4)

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Auction begins at $100.00

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How To Place Bid: At the bottom of the that items page, you will find your standard comment section like you see on any other website. Just log in using your Facebook or Twitter and comment with your bid. Just make sure you’re higher than the previous bidder. When the auctions are over, I will email you an invoice from Paypal where you will be able to pay by credit card or by your Paypal account. If you would rather write a check, you can make it out to St Jude and send it to me. Once your payment is secured, your item will be mailed to you.

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