Larry Woodward & Bob Richardson signed ScentBlocker Mesh Cap

Hosts Larry Woodward, Bob Richardson and Scott Shultz launches this season a new ScentBlocker “Most Wanted” show to the Outdoor Channel. These guys are familiar faces to the industry but bring a new TV hunting concept to the viewers.

Most Wanted is all about going after some of the world’s Most Wanted Big Game Animals. The show follows the lines from a modern day detective show! With a high tech interactive board operated by co-host Lauren Thomas from our command center.

The hunter is like a detective pursuing his fugitive. Finding clues, uncovering the signs, the tracks, the food, the water, etc. Our trail cameras tell the real story!
We track ’em down! We go after them! And we bring it all to you on this season’s Most Wanted!

Up for auction is a Larry Woodward & Bob Richardson signed ScentBlocker Cap

Find ScentBlocker’s Most Wanted at



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