Julie McQueen – Signed Swarovski Optik Cap

Julie McQueen has lived beyond her years by turning her hobbies into careers and thinking outside of the box. She worked in the fashion industry as a model for over a decade while traveling around the world, but took a couple years off to pursue a career as a professional poker player. She earned her pilot’s license when she turned 24, and has briefly owned a bakery and a model agency. Throughout the years and different career paths one thing has remained consistent: her love for the outdoors. After working for some of the top brands in the hunting industry, she began filming hunts for television shows. Her love for hunting and fishing is public knowledge now, but for years she fought to break down the walls that keep women from entering this mostly male dominated industry. While hunting and fishing are close to her heart, she has focused much of her time and energy towards conservation efforts and educating the public about how they can help wildlife through conservation and preservation of habit. Julie has found time to earn two degrees in Psychology while running one for the most successful production companies in the outdoor industry while also hosting and producing outdoor network television for 15 seasons. Not just another pretty face, Julie McQueen has proven that credibility leads to longevity, and is one of the most respected personalities in the outdoor industry.

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Also findĀ Till Death Do Us PartĀ on CarbonTV

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