Hilljacked Adjustable Outdoor Chair

HillJacked is an innovative chair will allow you to Hunt the Hills and Fish the Banks. The chair has the ability to adjust to any angled surface so you may sit comfortably on a hill, slope, or uneven terrain. The seat has a solid top surface with an adjustable base. The adjustable base makes leveling the seat quick and easy with two pins that securely lock the ideal position, regardless of incline. The base has multiple teeth that bite into the surface such as dirt, thick grass, rocks, snow, ice or brush to prevent slippage and movement to ensure a solid stable seat. The seat material itself is an outdoor fabric that is built to withstand the elements and be maintenance free. The Hilljacked adjustable outdoor chair comes with a limited lifetime warranty and we are proud to stamp the HillJacked chair Made in the U.S.A.

Green Industries LLC warrants the HillJacked Chair product against defect(s) in material and workmanship, under proper use and storage for LIFE, Register purchase, if seat is modified in any way(s) warranty is void.

Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.

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