Fulldraw Outfitters & Becoming a Backpack Hunter Book #1


Fred has been involved in archery since he was a young man. He has successfully harvested numerous trophies with his bow from all over the world. He has also completed the Super Slam taking all 29 North American Species with his recurve bow. His past work experience includes working for Bear Archery, managing Arrow Dynamics one of the largest archery pro shops in Colorado, and working as field operations manager of Dart International (the video hunting simulator). Currently, as a full-time outfitter/guide, Fred’s other interests include hunting, writing, photography, and videography. He has had articles and/or pictures published in Bowhunter, Bowhunting World, Traditional Bowhunter, Outdoor Life and North American Hunter magazines and has released Traditional Harvests I , II and III, IV and Traditional Harvest V. These DVD’s highlight traditional hunts for antelope, bear, deer, mountain lion, boar, sharks and stingrays, caribou, elk, javelina, bison, muskox, grizzly, polar bear and turkey. Look for Fred on the Sportsman Channel on Easton Bowhunting TV with Host Fred Eichler and Predator Nation.

Becoming a Backpack Hunter: A Beginner’s Guide to Hunting the Backcountry

This book was made to take one from the city to the backcountry and talk about everything in between. It was made to answer questions and inspire. When I started backpack hunting, resources were limited, and not in a condensed form. This made the whole process of learning quite taxing. I was constantly trying to find information on the subject, and when I did, I soaked up as much as I could. It took years and was the reason it took me so long to get into the field. The unknown can be a scary thing. Let this book bridge the gap that is keeping you from chasing your dreams of adventure, pursuing the wild meat we all know and crave.

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Find Fulldraw Outfitters at fulldrawoutfitters.com and their pages below

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