Flextone FLX500 Electronic Predator Caller From Tooth & Claw TV

tooth and claw TVJon Collins and the crew at Tooth & Claw TV are donating a Flextone FLX500 predator caller. This is one of the callers responsible to controlling the predator problem everywhere they go.

Flextone’s Tooth¬†& Claw TV brings you amazing predator hunting adventures as live as it gets. You get to watch Tooth¬†& Claw TV shows just a couple weeks after they go down! We deliver great coyote, bobcat, and bear hunts! Watch on WiredOutdoors.com, wiredoutdoorstv YouTube channel, and Wired Outdoors Roku channel.


Find Jon Collins at wiredoutdoors.com

Flextone FLX 500 Electronic Predator Caller

    • Holds up to 500 calls
    • Come pre-loaded¬†with 100 calls
    • Three 10-watt speakers play sounds in multiple directions
    • Long-range remote-control activation
    • Retail $179.99
With the ability to hold up to 500 calls and 100 categorized calls pre-loaded, Flextone’s Flex 500 is sure to have the exact sound you need when you need it. Three 10-watt speakers play sounds loud and clear in multiple directions, reaching predators from afar. Long-range remote-control activation lets you operate the call from a distance, keeping the predator’s eyes off you. Large backlit LCD display is easy to read. Docking station recharges remote control unit. Unit and remote can activate calls. Remote uses one lithium-ion battery (not included). Call uses eight AA NIMH rechargeable batteries (not included).

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