David Morris Signed Tecomate Packages (SALE)

How Tecomate began…
What was started back in 1993 helped open an exciting new chapter in whitetail management history. Lead by Tecomate, food-plot-based nutritional management was introduced to an eager market and soon the whitetail management scene was literally revolutionized. Managers were introduced to an entirely new strategy that allowed them to take control of management on their property and greatly increase the size and number of their deer in ways never before possible.

David Morris grew up hunting and fishing in South Alabama. His love for the outdoors led him to get a master’s degree in biology from Auburn University, where he worked summers and holidays as a professional bass guide on nearby Lake Eufaula. After graduation, David founded Georgia’s Burnt Pine Plantation, a 14,000-acre commercial whitetail hunting operation, and served as its managing partner for 20 years, during which time he developed one of the most intensive quality buck management programs in the South, allowing his clients to harvest nearly 2,000 bucks.

$18 $12 Each

Tecomate donated 4 packages that include a David Morris signed cap, a Tecomate cup and a Wicked Ridge bracelet. These items will be sold in the four packages for $12 each.

Leave a comment below that you want one and it’s yours for $12.

Find Tecomate at tecomate.com

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