Daniel Lee Martin & Julie McQueen, K2 Coolers


Music is as universal as food consumption. When Daniel Lee picks up his guitar, or when Julie prepares a meal from an animal they have harvested, there is a connection between how Daniel Lee and Julie live and the history of all mankind. Their goal is to travel the world living by the words of their mantra: Hunt, Fish, Sing, Repeat.

Daniel Lee Martin and Julie McQueen are the driving force behind Backstage; Backroads Productions. They have both devoted their lives to creating cutting edge television programming on a national platform. For 13 seasons they have produced award winning outdoor television shows, and they remain completely immersed in the details of each project from beginning to end.

Beginning with Backstage & Backroads the television series, they introduced Daniel Lee’s music fans to his love of the outdoors. Innovative filming and editing techniques brought them forward to their current project with the award winning television show Brotherhood Outdoors. Currently, they both host and produce the show, which is entering into its 7th season on the Sportsman Channel.

Daniel Lee holds a spot in the Nashville music scene as one of the most successful independent artists to hit the radio waves in history. He tours less than he used to, but still makes appearances around the country when his schedule allows it. His first and second album were critically acclaimed and paved the way for him to break into a lucrative television career while still holding the respect of music industry insiders.

Julie made a name for herself in the fashion industry for years before re-joining the hunting and fishing industries as a public figure. Now with over 10 years in the outdoor industry, she is an accomplished outdoorswoman and works both in front of the cameras as well as behind them.

Together Daniel Lee and Julie are synonymous with outdoor television and production. Based out of Nashville TN, they travel the world year round and spend very little time indoors. Ultimately, they work towards a common goal of conservation, creative energy, and leaving a legacy for future hunters and conservationists to enjoy.

Find Daniel Lee and Julie at backstageandbackroads.com

K2 Coolers

Founded in 2011, K2 Coolers is a company spawned by the need for a cooler with a REAL VALUE that keeps your items REAL COLD. We set out to design a durable, heavy-duty, yet lightweight cooler that would provide maximum ice retention without breaking your back or your bank account. Being located in South Louisiana we have a great God-given canvas to test our products in.

Find K2 Coolers at k2-coolers.com

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