Dallas Safari Club

Since 1972, Dallas Safari Club has been the gathering point for hunters, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts. An international organization, we offer members a world of options: Annual conventions and expositions, Annual sporting clay events, Monthly meetings and other member activities, World class publications and a Grant in aid program that contributes millions of dollars each year to programs and projects promoting our mission to conserve wildlife and wilderness lands, to educate youth and the general public and to promote and protect the rights and interests of hunters worldwide.

Dallas Safari Club funds mission-driven programs annually: quail research, desert bighorn sheep reintroduction and habitat enhancement in Texas; moose, elk, stone sheep and caribou projects in British Columbia; elephant and lion projects in Africa.

Through outreach programs that introduce shooting and hunting to youth, women and others, DSC is ensuring a legacy of future sportsmen and women and conservationists by the thousands.

Advocacy is a part of DSC’s mission. DSC and DSC-PAC have been very successful in defeating legislation that would have severely curtailed hunting rights and negatively impacted vast tracts of hunting habitat. Your contributions to the DSC-PAC go directly to efforts that support and help elect pro-hunting, pro-Second Amendment candidates at the federal and state levels.

Below please find the names that appear on all these caps…

Jim Shockey
Michael Waddell
Steve Pennaz – North American Fisherman
Karen Mehall Phillips – editor NRA – 2016 Zeiss Outdoor Communicator Award winner
Travis “T-Bone” Turner
Phil Phillips – Long on various TV shows
Larry Potterfield – Midway USA
Byron South – World Champion Predator caller
Gary Roberson – Carnivore TV
Mike Fifer – CEO of Ruger
Larry Weishuhn
Chris Kiefer
Casey Kiefer
Ron Spomer – Winchester World of Whitetail and many others.
Keith Warren – the High Road – Keith Warren Outdoors

Find Dallas Safari Club at biggame.org


Dallas Safari Club back side Dallas Safari Club side









This auction is for 5 caps.  The top 5 bidders will receive a cap.  If you want more than one cap, you must specify the price you will pay for each cap and how many you want.  

Current Bids – 5 Caps

$40 Sergio
$35 Gregg
$35 Gregg
$30 hestafford1
$25 Gregg

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