Dakotaline – Wiebe Kinves & Skull Cleaning Kit

Experts in all things trapping, Dakotaline Snares is your one-stop trap and snare supply store.

Whether you’re trapping Fox, Coyote, Beaver, Mink, Raccoon or any other varmit, Dakotaline products will give you the edge you need. With proven performance, our top quality baits, lures, and snare sets, made in our own manufacturing facility, by people who are experienced trappers themselves, will give you the results and the success you’re after with your trap line.

Wiebe Red Fox Scalpel Knife with 24 Wicked Sharp Replacement Blades

Don’t fight the knife. Replace the blade. Sharp as a knife can be, the Wiebe Red Fox uses surgical scalpels to give you the best skinning tool. When a blade goes dull replace it with the affordable Wiebe replacement blades.

-24-2 7/8″ Wiebe Replacement blades included
-Rugged featherweight folding handle
-Overall Length 7.5″
-Belt Holster Included

Wiebe Skull Bleaching Kit

One of the easiest, safest, and most effective skull bleaching kits available!
Includes: Step-By-Step Instructions.
• Bleach 3-5 Skulls
• Organic/Biodegradable
• Industrial Strength Degreaser
• Skull Wall Mount Included

Wiebe Monarch

Ideally suited for the whitetail and big game hunter, the Monarch features a blaze orange comfort grip handle for high visiblilty,a pocket clip for easy storage and access, and 3 wicked sharp quick-change replacement blades – perfect for the big game hunters daypack.

Weight is just under 3 oz.
Open length is 7 1/8″ long
Folded Length is 4 1/4″ long.

Find Wiebe Dakotaline at dakotalinesnares.com and their pages below


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