Burris Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight

The Burris Oracle is a rangefinding bow sight provides exact distance to a target and exact aiming point.


Rangefinding bow sight instantly provides the exact distance to a target and exact aiming point.

Eliminates guessing distance.
Built-in rangefinder gives an exact distance to the target at full draw.

Eliminates aiming between pins.
Instantly calculates and displays the exact aiming point for any distance and shot angle.

Eliminates aiming with the wrong pin.
The Oracle presents the one and only perfect aiming dot for the exact distance and your exact arrow.

How it Works
The built-in rangefinder measures the exact distance to target, instantly calculates the perfect aim point and shows you the perfect aiming drop point.


    • All Aluminum Construction
    • Locking Micro Adjustment Knobs
    • No Glass to Glare, Scratch or Fog
    • 20 yard fixed pin (failsafe)
    • 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustments
    • Increase shooting distances out to 80 – 110 yards
    • Accommodates up to 176 MOA (184 inches of drop at 100 yards.)
    • Stores two different trajectory curves for different arrows or draw weights
    • Compatible with arrow speeds from 200- 420 fps
    • Right and Left-hand compatible
    • Water Resistant
    • Retail $799

Learn about all the Burris Oracle features here.

Find Burris Optics at burrisoptics.com and their pages below

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