Archery Raffle – Obsession Turmoil RZ and Mission MXB-360 Crossbow

To kick off the yearly Average Hunter St. Jude Auction, we will doing a raffle for a 2018 Obsession Turmoil RZ and a Mission Archery MXB-360 Crossbow. 


There will be a total of 200 tickets sold.  Ticket price is $15 each or TWO for $25

You can enter how many tickets you want to buy after clicking on the “Buy Now” button.The first name picked will be for the Obsession Turmoil and second name will be for the Mission MXB-360.

How the drawing will be done is still to be determined, but it will involve shooting an arrow at something from far far away. Different winners per items. One person can only win one item.


Weather permitting, will do the drawing Sunday March 18th.



The Turmoil, selected as the 2017 Field & Stream Gear of the Year pick for best mid-priced bow, has been updated with the new Obsession Hybrid RZ Cam with Rotating Draw Mods that enable half-inch incremental changes in draw without the need for a bow press.

The Turmoil RZ includes the new Anti-Torque Cable Rod for reducing cam lean and torque. Capable of speeds up to 350 FPS, the Turmoil RZ shakes everything you thought about economic bows.

The Turmoil RZ is also available as a package, complete with Trophy Taker XFC Drop-Away Arrow Rest, Trophy Taker Buzzkiller Stabilizer, Trophy Taker Vise Quiver, a fiber optic sight with light, a wrist sling, peep sight and D-loop.

Note: Short Draw lengths require the Hybrid SD Cam.

Brace Height
IBO Rating
Axle to Axle (approx.)
Draw Weights
Draw Lengths
SD Draw Length
LD Draw Length
Half Sizes
Bow Weight
Let Off
Cam Style
String Length (Standard)
Cable Length (Standard)
6.5″ +/- .125
Up to 350 FPS
50 lbs, 60 lbs, 65 lbs, 70 lbs
26.5″ – 30.0″
24.5″ – 26.0″
26.5″ – 29.5″
3.8 lbs
Hybrid RZ
Control 37 3/8″ Buss 34 15/16″


Mission MXB-360 Crossbow Details

• Combines tactical style with the stealthy performance of a compound bow
• X-Cam Technology™ stores and delivers energy efficiently, the key to a fast, compact crossbow
• ALRS™ (Adjustable Limb Retension System) Technology, allows weight adjustment with a simple turn of the limb bolts. ALRS™ also allows you to relax the limbs to replace strings and cables without a bow press
• BIAS (Bridged Integrated Accuracy Support) Rail™ is machined and includes a bridge that runs along its centerline to provide the rigidity needed for ultimate accuracy
• Integrated BIAS Rail, trigger and scope mount system, this all-in-one system maintains positive scope to rail alignment for unparalleled accuracy and durability in all elements
• RS (Riser Step) Tread™ removes the unnecessary weight and bulk of a foot-stirrup, moving the crossbow lower to the ground allowing for an easier draw
• PCC (Positive Cocking Control) Anchor allows for a smoother trouble-free draw every time
• Tactical black finish
• Made in the USA

Accessory Package includes:

  • Hawke XB-1 1.5-5×32 SR etched reticle, variable speed 2-color illuminated scope, match grade rings
  • Includes a Mission soft-case and rope cocking aid
  • 3 Mission® Crossbow Bolts (half-moon metal nock, 22” long)

  • Draw Weight 160/125/100 lbs.
  • Width 19.5″
  • Length 35″
  • Weight (lbs.) 6.55 lbs.
  • Power Stroke 14″
  • Kinetic Energy N/A
  • Speed 360 fps
  • Cocking Aid Rope
  • Color Lost Camo


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