AMF Fishing Package Topwater Package

In this package from AMF Fishing, you will receive a complete topwater experience with what AMF Fishing has to offer plus a few extra “yet to be released” spinner baits.

Bomber: Rear Weighted—Perfect for walking the dog. 1/2 ounce—4inch Lure with tungsten steel hooks and built-in rattle system to attract fish!

Stinger: This 4 inch Stinger lure with the famous built in rattle system is the perfect lure to use to imitate a baitfish in trouble. Just flip this 1/2 ounce wonder out and let it sit for a few seconds before you pull it back. This top water popper is also durable with seven layers or enamel. It sports tungsten steel hooks too!

Tailboy: This 3 inch top water popper is rear weighted with our famous built in rattle system to give you an edge. Each of our lure, of any series, receives seven coats of enamel for great protection and long life…

Hummer Two: Two inches and 1/8 of an ounce of power and versatility. Take advantage of the AMF built in rattle system and toss this lure right into the rocks. Pull it back fast and don’t worry about banging it around. The seven layers of enamel will protect it!.

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