AMF Fishing Package Jerkbait Package

In this package from AMF Fishing, you will receive a complete jerkbait package with what AMF Fishing has to offer plus a few extra “yet to be released” spinner baits.

Softtail: Take advantage of the built in rattle system with our Softtail. A gentle toss and retrieval with a slight wrist action will have this special lure acting like a wounded bait fish!

Hunter: A shallow diving crankbait possesses the smallest lip in the lineup. It will generally dive 1 to 5 feet and is primarily used for very shallow water, weed infested water or for fish that are high in the water column.

Hummer Two: Two inches and 1/8 of an ounce of power and versatility. Take advantage of the AMF built in rattle system and toss this lure right into the rocks. Pull it back fast and don’t worry about banging it around. The seven layers of enamel will protect it!.

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