How the auction works

auction_zone_signMarch  2018

So here is how this auction is going to work.  Its very simple.

New for the 2018 auction, we have switched a real eBay style auction format. All bidders will need to register on this site in order to place a bid. This is make it a lot easier for everyone to keep track of their bids, be alerted if they were outbid and also make payments after you have won the auction  

When the auctions are over, each winner will be able to make a secure payment with credit card thru Paypal or you can just use your existing PayPal account.  Once your payment is secured, your item will be mailed to you.  Payments by check are also available.

If winning bidder is outside of the U.S., additional shipping fees will be applied.

It’s just that easy.

Do you just want to contribute to the auction and be part of this?

If you want to donate an item to this auction and be part of helping the kids at St. Jude, go to the contact page and shoot me a message.