How It Works

auction_zone_signMarch 13-27, 2017

So here is how this auction is going to work.  Its very simple.

Each auction will be on its own page.  At the bottom of the items page, you will find your standard comment section like you see on any other website.  Just log in using your Facebook or Twitter and comment with your bid.  Just make sure you’re higher than the previous bidder.  I would suggest refreshing the page again after to make sure someone didn’t post a bid at the same time.  

Please don’t bid with pennies. 

When the auctions are over, I will contact each winner and issue an invoice from Paypal where you can make a secure payment with credit card or your PayPal account.  There will be an additional $5 added to the invoice to help cover shipping and processing fees.  Once your payment is secured, your item will be mailed to you.  Payments by check are also available.

If winning bidder is outside of the U.S., additional shipping fees will be applied.

It’s just that easy.

Do you just want to donate?

There is a donate button on the side of the page.  Feel free to make a donation today.



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Place Your Bid. -Bids start at $5- Bidding is done by leaving a comment with your bid.