Archery Raffle For St. Jude 2021

To kick off the yearly Average Hunter St. Jude Auction, we will be doing a raffle for ???? bows.
There will be two winners that can choose whichever bow they want.
Tickets are available starting in February and end when they are gone. 

There will be a total of 144 tickets sold.
The ticket price is $25 each

You can choose the number of tickets you want after hitting the buy now button.

Choose what spot you want on the board and enter that number during the checkout in the spot given.

How the drawing will be done is still to be determined, but it will involve shooting an arrow at something from far far away. Different winners per items. One person can only win one item.

Which number(s) do you want?

Not Available Yet

Enter the board number(s) you want in the box above and then hit “Buy Now”

First come first serve on the numbers.  I’ll update this grid manually as soon as I can. But if a number is already called for, I will email you and ask for others of your choosing. 

2020 Winners Dane Schoeneberg & Richard Beck

Both are choosing new crossbows.


2021 Bow 2021 Bow


Here is the video of the drawing from 2020

Here is the video of the drawing from 2019.

Here is the video of the drawing from 2018.